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You did it! Or... did you?

The tragedy that the town of Lac Mégantic in Québec is going through is beyond human understanding. The impact in the media has been downplayed by other news including the crash landing of Asiana flight 214 in San Francisco Airport and a Piper Club light aircraft that crashed in Alaska with two families on board with no survivors. Even the town's official website is "in shock" and denial without the prominence this catastrophic event should have on their pages.
The news of Lac Mégantic started with ONE casualty only. This was on Saturday morning, five days ago. Then 3, 5, 15 and now 50 unaccounted for because they were apparently "vaporised" by the intensity of the fireball that ensued after the crash. Vaporised... gone! And that is the horror of downplaying this... had a bus full of tourists (50!) crashed down a ravine into the crater of Mauna Loa, with everyone vaporised in seconds, this would have been an event to remember forever. This one isn't. Why? A …