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I mentioned on my last blog entry Battered that "if voters suffer from an acute case of Battered Person Syndrome, the outcome will be in favour of a meaningless Union." And you know what... they do!
When I woke up on Friday to the news that the No vote had won, I was dumbfounded and thought that some fall back would occur sooner or later, against the scare that this nation gave to the Westminster establishment. It did not take long... When I heard the BBC Radio 2 8 am. news while driving, the promises that David Cameron had given to the No voters via Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and more, had now an add-on. The changes to the Scottish agreement would have to go taking into account the interests of English people. A caveat was introduced on the promises made on the tearful previous week, less then two hours after the "battered and estranged wife" returned home at 6 am.

No one had heard from the tears of David Cameron, that a new deal had been made to benefit Scotland…


No, I am not talking about the favourite Scottish deep fried diet. Scotland is high on the agenda as panic is now present in a unashamed way within English apparitchik and their faithful satellites.
This campaign started a long time ago when George Osborne contracted a few "professionals" to have an opinion (independent but paid of course) against the independence of Scotland and the definition of "New State". If you read the BBC News link here you will notice that this started on Monday 11 February 2013 early in the morning as it does, with the intention of having a"debate" for the week.
Unfortunately Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation a few hours later and this paid Scottish consultancy might as well have been thrown down the pan.

Anyway... Independence... Scottish Nation and State... arguments of currency and other minor adjustments... missing the point.
The United Kingdom is the Union of England+Wales (with at the time conquered and submitted Ire…

Flight MH370

The disappearance of flight MH370 last Saturday 8 March is getting more and more confusing, shrouded in clouds of mystery and drip fed information.
It is now apparent that the demise of this flight was not caused by a catastrophic hardware event, or even an Act of God, a flock of birds, leaves on the line... There was for sure human intervention on this unscheduled route alteration. Was it hijacked? The answer is yes, but why?
If this was a planned terrorist action, no one so far has claimed any credible responsibility. And hijacking airplanes for terrorist purposes is nowadays a bit out of fashion, extremely difficult, includes negotiations, a landing place, an organization, possible exchange of prisoners, political claims and gain. Nothing of the sort has happened so far.
So... the purpose of this human intervention has to be something else. And something else has to be related with value. This operation had to be incredibly well planned, people with in-depth knowledge of aircrafts, na…