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Flight MH370

The disappearance of flight MH370 last Saturday 8 March is getting more and more confusing, shrouded in clouds of mystery and drip fed information.
It is now apparent that the demise of this flight was not caused by a catastrophic hardware event, or even an Act of God, a flock of birds, leaves on the line... There was for sure human intervention on this unscheduled route alteration. Was it hijacked? The answer is yes, but why?
If this was a planned terrorist action, no one so far has claimed any credible responsibility. And hijacking airplanes for terrorist purposes is nowadays a bit out of fashion, extremely difficult, includes negotiations, a landing place, an organization, possible exchange of prisoners, political claims and gain. Nothing of the sort has happened so far.
So... the purpose of this human intervention has to be something else. And something else has to be related with value. This operation had to be incredibly well planned, people with in-depth knowledge of aircrafts, na…