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Before you go Mr. President...

"Guns don't kill people. People do" Yeah, people with fucking guns!  tweet @rickygervais 
A few hours ago another mass shooting in the United States occurred and another Presidential speech will follow suit, the same speech we heard previously after Charleston, with Mr. Obama wearing a sad face, stating the unavoidable routine of these events.
So... before you go Mr. President...
You said last time that the biggest failure you had in your almost 8 years of presidency was the inability to stop these mass murders. The lax gun controls and the iron corset that the Second Amendment imposes on any attempt to limit the "right to bear arms" makes this an impossibility.
It is obvious that the gun lobby, the National Rifle Association and users (both criminals and law abiding citizens) will always constitute a legislative block and this mass murder will not be the last... and you, the President of the USA are unable to stop this in the "most advanced country i…


My reply to this morning's John Prescott email --------------------------------------------- RE: Hello Comrade
Hello Comrade Prescott,
Yes John we can and should use this tired word more often. Thank you for your reminder on the upcoming Labour Leadership election. I have already cast my vote and there is nothing that can be done now. I had my doubts on my choice but your email and greeting justified my vote completely.

The thing is... Andy Burnham is not a Comrade at all. If we resurrect socialist vocabulary from the last century I would have to say that Andy "has sold himself to the big interests of Capitalism and bourgeoisie". He is a continuous representative of these interests albeit with the cover of Labour. That is why I voted for Comrade Corbyn.
And that is why I urge you, Comrade Prescott, to do the same.  
Best regards
Paulo. ------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 08:45:46 +0000
To: paulof…

Why RBS was bailed out

The weekend of the 4th and 5th of October 2008 must have been frantic in Downing Street with the news of a financial collapse that had been looming for the entire year. It is funny how these tragedies occur in a timely fashion on weekends, when bank transfers are closed and you are powerless to take any action until business opens again on Monday morning. 

RBS closed for business on Friday afternoon and a few hours later (after New York closed too), pulled all their global accounts and looked at their financial position. And then Fred Goodwin's phone call arrived on Saturday morning (very early morning???), asking for Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, stating that the biggest bank in the world, "The Royal Bank of Scotland" had ran out of funds and he would have to call the administrators on Monday morning. Panic ensued. And it didn't get any better when Buckingham Palace also called... Why?
Because of Coutts, the Posh Bank of the Posh. You can see here their most fam…

The Biggest Nail House on the Web

While surfing the web this morning I came across this little gem of Twitter account @apple. Surprisingly this account has not published a single tweet yet. Not one, nothing, zilch, nada!!! It is at present in the "freezer" waiting for better days. It has however 33.5K very very distracted followers 
So... what's going on? What's happening?
The John Doe that opened this account was probably shocked to see that as late as September 2011 he was able to grab the name @apple on Twitter. When Apple noticed this, it was too late. Too late in or after September 2011! Not 2007! Now Apple, the biggest company in the world, missed the train big time as, for all practical purposes, it is not on Twitter!!!!

@apple / John Doe, as I mentioned above, has not posted a single tweet... Apple most probably tried to buy out the name from John and was then shown a bill for $100,000,000.00 (late arrival penalty) or more. The silence of this @apple account (not verified account by the way) sh…

Oh when the Saints...

"The saints are the sinners who keep on going." Robert L. Stevenson

... to Louise Mensch
Hi Louise,
Apologies for the late reply but I had a bog standard long day at the office and only now I got time to resume our little "skirmish" from yesterday, as I feel I had no opportunity for a "last word".
It was quite endearing how the news of the canonization of two Palestinian nuns by Pope Francis went semi-viral. Funny how a society that is so detached of Roman Catholicism and Religion in general, suddenly had to pontificate (boom boom) about a subject they know so little. I would had given a little miss on this "contest" but then I came across your tweet:
Non-Cathoilc media including BBC shows its utter horrific ignorance by calling these nuns first Arabic speaking saints - google broken?
This made me smile (no not ignoring the spell check on Catholic)...there was a mix of BBC bashing, Catholic hat dressing, Middle East languages, Internet savvy all cond…


"Don't look now but there's one too many in this room and I think it's you." — Groucho Marx

The results of last Friday morning could not be more clear. Scotland nation is on her way out... and yet still on Friday morning, exactly in the same way as the other Friday morning after the Scottish referendum, David Cameron came up with "promises that he will govern as a party of ONE nation". These words sounded ominously like Vladimir Putin's stance toward Ukraine. ONE nation means the English nation, the Westminster Establishment.

Unfortunately there is no such thing, there has always been TWO nations, England (and Wales) and Scotland. Cunningly the Act of Union has permitted for centuries to dilute the presence and cohesion of Scottish MPs by splitting them into established Union parties and making them feel (through bribe and flattery), that they are part of a bigger picture, a better together, a union of equals. That has now ended and the 56 SNP MPs rep…