Sunday, 10 May 2015


Goodbye England!

"Don't look now but there's one too many in this room and I think it's you." — Groucho Marx

The results of last Friday morning could not be more clear. Scotland nation is on her way out... and yet still on Friday morning, exactly in the same way as the other Friday morning after the Scottish referendum, David Cameron came up with "promises that he will govern as a party of ONE nation". These words sounded ominously like Vladimir Putin's stance toward Ukraine. ONE nation means the English nation, the Westminster Establishment.

Unfortunately there is no such thing, there has always been TWO nations, England (and Wales) and Scotland. Cunningly the Act of Union has permitted for centuries to dilute the presence and cohesion of Scottish MPs by splitting them into established Union parties and making them feel (through bribe and flattery), that they are part of a bigger picture, a better together, a union of equals. That has now ended and the 56 SNP MPs represent a new paradigm that the United Kingdom will be unable to digest.

On my previous blog entry I said that the Cameron's words of the referendum "being a choice of a generation, put this to bed for hundred years" were spoken from the point of view of the abusive husband receiving his estranged and battered wife back home, after she dared to flee for a couple of days. Life should resume as usual or worse after this daring stunt.

I also mentioned that the referendum could be recalled at anytime and the first test would be this General Election. The SNP passed this test with full marks and could and should take ownership of this fantastic turn of events. However calling for a referendum is ill advised... and here is my penny for Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP...

As the full representative of the Scottish voters in Westminster, you have now a highly visible mandate to do what you were voted for. You were not voted to make deals with Westminster, you were voted to leave Westminster. Trying to get Cameron to fulfil his promises on devo max is playing devious corridor games and that is not what you were voted for. It is a game where there will be one loser only, Scotland.

Now... the 56 SNP MPs should rescind the Act of Union publicly making it null and void. Some will say that there is no such get out clause on the Act, which in a way will reinforce even more its invalidity. The Scottish independence should now be fought in the Courts of Law. A battery of Scottish constitutionalists and law makers should enter an Act of Rescission immediately in the Scottish Supreme Courts. If favourable, that would automatically mean Independence.

Please do not misjudge the undercurrents of Westminster. I can foresee people on the streets in Edinburgh and Glasgow followed by tanks and riot police and the odd bomb attack to justify a military presence and compliance of Scotland. I would not be surprised in the near future some Shetland and Orkney militias returning to the Highlands to defend the "self-determination" and rights of the local population. Ah and the odd airliner being shot down for the sole purpose of playing the blame game.

If the above suggestions are a bit far fetched do not ever call a referendum for independence (why call for something that is outright yours?). Just call a succession of mini-referendums (once a month) like:

  1. Should Scotland raise and manage their own taxes?
  2. Should Scotland have their diplomatic corps and raise their own passports?
  3. Should Scotland have their own Armed Forces (or have Armed Forces at all... a Switzerland model would be most appropriate)?
Have you thought how much you are going to charge for renting the Faslane Trident Submarine Naval base?

It is all in your hands now. Don't loose it.

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