Friday, 2 October 2015

Before you go Mr. President...

"Guns don't kill people. People do" Yeah, people with fucking guns!
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A few hours ago another mass shooting in the United States occurred and another Presidential speech will follow suit, the same speech we heard previously after Charleston, with Mr. Obama wearing a sad face, stating the unavoidable routine of these events.

So... before you go Mr. President...

You said last time that the biggest failure you had in your almost 8 years of presidency was the inability to stop these mass murders. The lax gun controls and the iron corset that the Second Amendment imposes on any attempt to limit the "right to bear arms" makes this an impossibility.

It is obvious that the gun lobby, the National Rifle Association and users (both criminals and law abiding citizens) will always constitute a legislative block and this mass murder will not be the last... and you, the President of the USA are unable to stop this in the "most advanced country in the world" with legislation.

I have to remind you though that you are a leader, the leader of the "most advanced country in the world" and if you cannot legislate you should still lead. You can change people's minds instead of hiding behind a few Washington Chambers, counter lobbying and then concluding that you "tried really hard". You can act.

You cannot stop your people "bearing arms" in your country, that is  their right. Nevertheless you have 2 options: the first one by parallel legislation and the second one by direct action. I shall explain:

You can make compulsory that anyone "bearing an arm" in public should wear an armband (choose colour... I suggest red) to make other members of the public aware that that particular citizen is carrying an object that is deemed dangerous to the public, in breach of Health & Safety laws. Anyone caught carrying a gun without that said armband should have the gun removed and fined heavily on the spot, with the gun license cancelled for a period of time. This will at last put the onus on the gun holder. And how can decent gun lovers and law abiding citizens, defenders of democracy, object to this law?

Or... better and faster... you can do it the other way around... you can wear a white armband as a statement of "#icomeinpeace" - "I do not carry a gun". You can start leading your people already tonight. No excuses, just act.

PS: To Ricky Gervais... you can do the same too.