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Let it go...

"One death is a tragedy, one million deaths is a statistic" — Stalin
I spent this weekend on a "marathon" at the Durham Book Festival. I saw quite a few shows, presentations and presentations that were more like lectures. Some were very very interesting, challenging, others made me angry, being as a consequence also interesting and challenging... and still, as a consequence, I will have to write about it.
One of the events was about "Love and Loss" with Cathy Rentzenbrink and Decca Aitkenhead talking about their experiences and their books "The Last Act of Love" and "All at Sea".  

As soon as the discussion started I felt uncomfortable, not because  the talk was about death, but because there was no death. Not that I am morbid, at all, and was expecting gory details and external expressions of grief, live. I did not know the circumstances of both writers, but I slowly started seething with the display of luxury of this exercise and its pr…


(A bit boring now... money, numbers but what I describe below troubles me... have a read) 


A few years ago it transpired that the policy of cuts and austerity based on Armageddon calculations by two Harvard economists, Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, was fundamentally flawed and based on an Excel coding error. Is the PMT Excel interest formula and its daily application in the finance world an even bigger error?
No this is not about the favourite architectural home style of Osama Bin Laden and US Embassies in the Middle East... This is about a permanent "invisible" effect that is present in all arithmetic calculations that include two entities... Excel and Finance; I have to add these are two of my favourite pet hates.
You can see here on this Microsoft Excel training on Formulas
Have a look and see what is wrong... .....
I shall carry on... this has to do with the most used function in Excel, PMT, no not that regular monthly tension that afflicts one third of wom…

All is right now

On 9 June this year I published a blog entry with the title "The Biggest Nail House on the Web" alerting for the fact that the twitter account for Apple Inc. (@apple) was misteriously dormant. You can see from the screenshot on the right that it was not a verified account by Twitter, it had 33.6K very distracted followers and there was not a single tweet on sight.
Today, 3 months later I had another look and all has changed. The account is now verified, there are a few Apple graphics, it is showing as linked to, based in Cupertino, and there are now 551k followers either very distracted or hopeful. Still not a single tweet has been issued. Knowing Apple I am sure there will be a fanfarre on twitterland created by the very distracted Cupertino publicists (oh they missed this one big time), for the release of their first tweet. 
I have the suspicion that someone, in between these two screenshots, got very, very rich. "Distractions" l…


Yesterday I received an email from Sadiq Khan. I got this from the Labour email database and I am really puzzled why I got this spam from a Labour member (and via the Labour party!!!!) to endorse the candidacy of Owen Smith. In this process Sadiq's opinion is as valuable as mine regarding the outcome of the now active Labour leadership process. To my knowledge I was not invited to spam the now half million Labour members, telling them who I think will be best to lead the party. So, once again, shame on whoever allowed this to be sent using the Labour party channels. 
Sadiq says
I was deeply humbled to be elected as the Mayor of London in May, thanks to the hard work of Labour members and supporters.
I've played no part in the turmoil this summer and I've thought hard about my role in the leadership election. I've been asked how I'll vote by many of the members and supporters who helped me, and you deserve an answer.
So I want to tell you why I'm backing Owe…

Send in the lawyers

"Money talks" — English proverb

I am very happy with this morning news. They are sending in the  lawyers. It is about time... look what happened when they sent in the clowns?
This is the future of politics in UK and USA with already a very successful result in 2000. Democracy is being replaced by courts. Remember how George W. Bush was elected first time after a wrangle around the Florida votes that was finally settled on Bush vs. Gore (587 votes and $20 million made the difference)?
Do I need to mention Donald Trump? Anglo-Saxon democracy has become a farce... mostly because it is now void of any humanity on both sides of the Atlantic. It is all about money and, if that is the case, you cannot blame the corporations to have a say, and surely they will have a lot to say and a big wallet to back it up. The interests of corporations dictate how these 2 countries need to be ruled. Democracy is now an illusion and votes are nothing more than bread for the circuses, bread only, no…

One Penny

"Send 2 dozen roses to room 424 and put "Emily, I love you" on the back of the bill" — Groucho Marx

I moved to this country almost 21 years ago. I worked, I paid my taxes, I paid my National Insurance contributions. Now I hear that my "invitation" to leave may be on the table for blackmail negotiation purposes with the European Union.
So... to make it clear... If / when I leave, I want every single penny I spent on NI plus the value of my pension contributions to come with me... around £100,000 I estimate. This will not preclude the right to seek further personal redress in the English Courts for future loss of earnings and Equal Opportunities Rights. 
Start digging deep in your pockets. The £350 million Brexit claim is going to look small change indeed. The totals for the 3 million EU citizens living and working in this country is going to be around £1 trillion!!!!! And I want it all... every single penny!