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Dead Man's Hand

“The hardest tumble a man can make is to fall over his own bluff.”

It all started as a joke... "Hey Donald, why don't you run for President on the next election?" and the guy who suggested this is the main culprit of the cataclism that is going to befall on the most powerful nation on Earth.
Donald never thought about it, knew that he has no skills, no charisma, no statesmanship, no politics or policies but he thought "Hey that's a good one. I don't want it but in the meantime I will get free coverage, loads of exposure, my name on the front (and back) pages... That cannot be bad at all. How hard can this be? If George W. can do it anyone can. Let's do it!"
Then things started getting out of hand... he forced the entrance door of the Republican Party expecting to be refused and to have to run as an independent. For his stupefaction he was welcomed in. By a strange coincidence there was no one there with statesmanship, charisma, policy or policies, all …

The Hatton Garden Principle

Paper is always strongest at the perforation." — Murphy's Laws

For sure the FBI read my post last week on how to access Syed Rizwan Farook unbreakable iPhone. The news published on the Associated Press today about on how they came across this process just follows a natural human time sequence since my publication. They had to go and buy phones, expenses, budget... you know the drill.

My tweet to @Snowden triggered this entire story

I copy again what is the method based on the Hatton Garden Principle mentioned below (photo describing the method on top of the page)
Addenda for the FBI

Please ignore the doors' arguments. There is always a solution and I suggest you use the Hatton Garden Principle that reads more or less like this... "If the front door is inexpugnable go for the walls". So here it is:
Pick Syed Rizwan Farook iPhone and disassemble it to separate the hard drive / memory where the data is stored (it does not matter if it is encrypted or not)Copy (don…

Donald Trump ™ ®

...or why Donald Trump ™ ® cannot be legally a candidate for the US presidential election...

We have all read the news this week about Hulk Hogan and the landmark court ruling that awarded $115 million in damages on what would have been another trivial Hollywood sex tape story.
The principle is very simple. Terry Bollea was filmed unaware while having sex. The video was published and Terry claimed that his privacy was invaded and his business tarnished. The verdict was very, very straighforward: Terry Bollea gets $60 million for damages and Hulk Hogan ™ ® $55 million for commercial damages. This ruling is not only about privacy, it is also about how private people can inflict or be damaged commercially by actions of a third party. This is as clean cut as it can be... How many people are fired or have a lawsuit each day for bringing a company name ™ ® into disrepute? The third party in this case surely brought Hulk Hogan ™ ® into disrepute by targeting Terry Bollea. The court ruling m…

"Some People" vs. Apple Inc.

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits" — Einstein

We have been made aware recently of the little tiff between the Federal Bureau of Investigation  and Apple Inc.  regarding one iPhone. This one iPhone is sadly connected to the San Bernardino mass killings of last December with strong Daesh connections. 
If you read the news and have a further look at the omnipresent judicial televised circus, you might think that this is a life and death battle between a self appointed defender of Freedom and Privacy and Humanity (Apple Inc. a for enormous profit organization), against a totalitarian institution that wants to have a look at everything we do at anytime (the FBI controlled by the US Government which is voted by The People on a regular basis). 
You get sucked in in mesmerising words like, privacy, encryption, operating system, back door, defence, hacking, vulnerability, snoopers, terror, safety, protection, fear... fear... mostly fear. It is curious…