Thursday, 30 June 2016


“The Tories in England had long imagined that they were enthusiastic about the monarchy, the church and beauties of the old English Constitution, until the day of danger wrung from them the confession that they are enthusiastic only about rent.”  — Karl Marx

When the result from the referendum was announced last Friday the United Kingdom woke up for a shock. No one was prepared for this outcome... no one, even the winners. And after five days it is blatantly obvious that no one has a plan, except keeping the previous status quo at all costs, now under the heavy make-up (Rimmel instead of Bourjois) of a "liberated" country.

Had this event happened 1000 years ago and there would have been a blood bath. The new order would have decapitated, stabbed, burned all the top supporters and rulers of the previous establishment. Have you ever wondered where the expression "new blood" comes from? Gengis Khan was not adverse to this political procedure as, after every conquest, he would burn to the ground, at exceptional cost, all cities and countries that opposed him. Even the ones that didn't, would have a temporary "culling".

This country is unprepared for this dramatic change, even metaphorically. However this needs to be acted upon and you cannot act upon when you have a parliamentary democracy where 80% of its representatives still support the old order. That is a political conundrum, an impossibility. The result of the referendum can only be legally upheld when approved by the Parliament. How are you going to do it with 80% of MPs still longing for the old Remain landscape? Only by a lot of whipping and turncoating this can be achieved... but why would the voters want their representatives to lie for the sake of expediency? 

The last 3 days have been the stage of an appalling display of people that should have left (read "decapitated"), still clinging on to their seats, their privileges, aiming to represent a class of voters that are due to extinction, the elites of the South and London, burping of lobster and champagne. That is not why the majority voted for, why the struggling North, Wales and South West (correlated to the distance from London) voted in majority to Leave. They want a New Order, and this is not achievable with the same old people.

The core Labour voters and the rest of the 17,410,742, the miners turned white van people, don't want any more Milibands, Eagles, Watsons, Camerons, Goves, Blairs, Gordons, Mays, Boris, Farages, etc. They want a New Order, a devolved country, even if it is only England and Wales. And so far, on the new political landscape for which the old order is unwilling to let go, there is only one person that can lead, is prepared and can win this process... Jeremy Corbyn.

It would be an irony that an extreme right politician would finally trigger the October Revolution this country has been evading for such a long time.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

You go first...

Just a quick reminder for the Leave voters, Brexit intelligentsia, history spinners and random British glorifiers...

The Charge of the Light Brigade was not a victory.

PS: As usual no Lords, Earls, Dukes, etc. were hurt in the process.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The British are going...

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter" — Winston Churchill

This Sunday I watched Top Gear (new) for the first time. All was fine until Professor Brian Cox showed a clip of his next series with him flying in a Typhoon RAF fighter jet at the speed of sound. When he asked the pilot what would have happened if they carried on flying over Ireland the pilot's reply was "They will deploy their Cessna!". Everyone laughed, the audience, Brian Cox, Chris Evans... I didn't. This was again that omnipresent racist British superiority that is all over this society. I was surprised that the producers allowed this to go in. I would have been even more surprised if they would have edited it out (maybe there's still time).

You would be led to believe that this Thursday's referendum is about the UK staying or leaving the European Union. Don't be deluded... This referendum is about being British, it is giving the (good) "British" people a choice between British-hard and British-light. In their own racist superiority Europe is just a very distant backdrop, a fuzzy excuse to yet again for days, weeks on end, appear on the media and on the pub saying "Look, just look how superior we are!". Even the Remain's rethoric is flawed... They want to stay to help??? Europe, to lead??? Europe. What???? Who gave you that remit? How arrogant, how superior, how "British".

Last week I watched David Dimbleby's "Seven Ages of Britain". Henry VIII was there... and I had a sudden flash. Thursday and Brexit is Henry VIII all over again. It is leadership haranguing the masses saying "Why do we need to be controlled by Europe/Pope? We can do it ourselves. Who do they think they are? I can marry who I want as many times I want. I can be God instead of God." And randy, gouted Henry is shown as the epitome of Britishness, on how well you can do, the right to have six!!! wives... and yet you forget that after him you had 200 years of war, civil war, king's beheading, coups, Cromwell, poverty and finally all was only sorted by going to the European supermarket and buying a king from the shelf. A Dutch king!

I am very suspicious of the word British. For me the bad connotations outweigh the good ones by a very large margin. The Union Jack and the way it is waved, has for me the same significance as the US Confederate one, which for me is the "losers' one", so why wave it? It is pure Redneck! The word British has been hijacked in such a way that even when it is mentioned on Parliament by the Prime Minister shout of "British people", I cannot stop thinking of replacing it by the word Racist, because it is used by him with that subtext so very often. It is just like Al Murray, the pub landlord, when he mentions "The Good British people" on his sketches. I used to laugh because I thought he was being sarcastic. He wasn't... He joined UKIP, so there is no joke anymore.

I don't get it... I don't get it why you constantly wave the "British" Royal Family composed by a Greek man and a half-German woman. Oh and the heir of the throne is half-Greek and a quarter German at minimum. You say the Queen wants to brexit when you insidiously asked that question to the wrong person in the palace...  You should have asked Prince William! The Royal's "Britishness" you so enjoy, is constantly coloured by the racist rants of the Duke of Edinburgh which you so love and are yet so "British". You just love these newly acquired nationals that oh so well upheld the "British" spirit and integrated oh so well in "British" society... just like the Sonderkommandos did all the dirty work in Auschwitz.

I don't get it why you allowed the word Britain to be hijacked by Britain First... How that "trade mark" was accepted? How is that allowed to happen, unless in some twisted way you condone it in the name of free speech, or ultimately they are just some other "official" Sonderkommandos... as the Queen would say in good English "Honni soit qui  mal y pense!"

And Jo Cox... on Thursday night there was this British "luvvy", yes just a few hours after she had died saying on BBC2 Newsnight "oh we should not use her death for political purposes or advantage... that is so unBritish". This hurt me has much if not more than the bullets fired by the killer. 

Jo Cox was brutally and cowardly assassinated during this referendum debate. Her death was nothing but political. The assassin, regardless of his intellectual capability at the time, felt entitled to act that way and that entitlement was not given exclusively by the words he shouted "Britain First". When he shouted these words he was not solely claiming the racist political organization that is using that brand. I think he was genuinely shouting Britain! First! Jo Cox's murder was a very "British" murder, made by a "British" person. He could do it because Jo was 5" tall with no physical threat whatsoever, which is a very "British" trait, as you only go in when the numbers are at least 20:1. "British" people have this confusion between bravado and bravery... Even the courage is most of the time... Dutch. Would the Batley and Spen MP be say... Tom Watson... I'm sure, as I type these words, we would still have an MP for Batley and Spen. For what I know about Jo Cox she was definitely, for the sake of humanity, unBritish. And hopefully there are still a lot like her left in this land for redemption purposes, otherwise this Britain is just a second edition of Sodom and Gomorrah's tale.

The assassin is said to have a lot of Nazi paraphernalia at his place... and again I don't get it. Isn't the biggest "British" taunt "Two world wars and a world cup"?? Why having relics of the losers at home? It is as dumbfounding as visiting Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's home in Raqqa and finding this little room full of red crosses and crusaders souvenirs.

I think you need to let the word British go... find a new one... grow up and play and be happy. That will not be resolved this Thursday. The referendum is pretty much a worthless exercise in sorting your emotional/social problems. You have 500 years of bad spin that needs addressing. And it is OK to be afraid and I know it will be hard and painful ... you are like that old battleship that has layers and layers of paint and if you start stripping it of you will see in the end there is no metal left, so you keep on recoating it without even questioning why you need it... or even a Typhoon jet fighter... as a  Cessna will suffice! 

PS: My British friends will ask me after this... "Why? Don't you like us?" which is the wrong question... This should be "Why? Don't you like me?" and the answer will always be YES. Maybe this is just a minor English grammar problem, of confounding the collective "you" with the individual "you". And you (both) need to sort it.