$518 trillion

$518 trillion... $518,000,000,000,000 is more or less (who cares when numbers get this big) the amount of money and Silly Money available in the market as explained by Roy Davies. There is around $1 trillion, €800 billion, £1 trillion in physical money (notes, coins) so if we add all other world currencies an estimate of $5 trillion in total. That leaves $513 trillion that is floating as "electronic" money in bank accounts, derivatives, funds, hedge funds, bonds... the lot. The world economy at their best year produces only $50 trillion GDP; you have to take costs from this, so let us assume that there is a profit of $10 trillion per annum. How come the world has $518 trillion after being bankrupted in 1945? That would imply having $8 trillion net profit each year since ignoring mini financial crisis from the 70s 80s and 90s. The real value should be $80 trillion tops! $513 trillions? It is impossible, it does not add up... most of this $518 trillion is pure Financial Engineering manipulation, has no reflection on real production, real finance. It is regulators, governments, bankers gone mad, some for political purposes, others for pure greed, some in the knowledge that being allowed to use the Black-Scholes model would generate instant profit, Silly Money, with no equivalent in the real world. $440 trillion have been artificially "engineered" in the past 10 years by financiers and Black-Scholes with no reflection whatsoever in reality. It is Silly Money, Play Station Money.
So... the $950 billion of President Obama is not going to do much! It is just postponing the end for another 13 months, when derivatives, loans, funds, bonds mature at a bargain basement price and huge loss with no equivalent Real Money to pay for it. Then we will have to pay more... much more! 50 times more! The financial world needs a well known Microsoft technique before it gets into the blue screen of death aka BSOD. It is the unplug and reboot. From scratch!
Another solution... the only currency at present that has the staggering figures of 518 trillion is the Dollar... the Zimbabwean Dollar. We could from Monday 2 March state a new exchange rate of 1 USD = 1 ZWD. At present is 1 USD = 37,456,777 ZWD!!! This manipulation would be as good as anything done in the past by reputed financiers. It would automatically double the World's Wealth to $1 quadrillion. There would be immediately an equivalent material currency to match the World's Wealth... and for the first time Zimbabwean people would be the richest in the world. I think they deserve this as a reward for putting up with Robert Mugabe for the past 30 years.

It is only fair!