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"They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing."  Charles M. de Talleyrand A couple of days ago I had a spat with a Nigel Farage supporter on Twitter... I know most of you will say "It's not worth it", "Leave it" etc. but I would nevertheless highlight how a certain demographics are using liberally the word of Democracy. I shall leave here the "dialogue" between myself @pfrr and Stephen Keane @stephenkeane233 It all started with my comment on the milkshaked Farage photo by @dailymail: @pfrr: ... and the milkshake immediately went sour on contact! Stop classifying this as "political violence". Political violence is what happened to Jo Cox. @stephenkeane233 So in your tiny mind assaulting someone who has a different political ideology to yours is acceptable? You are a fascist if you condone this. @pfrr I would not mind assaulting Adolf Hitler. How about you? @stephenkeane233 So Nigel Farage is comparable

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