3 questions

"One can rape the Law without making her scream."
Charles M. de Talleyrand

The image above is pretty much self-explanatory. Politicians have been saying this week that questions must be asked and questions must be answered. I have just 3 questions:
  1. How much did  Kensington and Chelsea Council pay for each "Fire Action" sign shown above? This will have to include charges for design, feasibility, plan, expert assessments and any other related expenditure.
  2. Who approved and signed off the above sign? (if anyone)
  3. What are the relationships (personal and / or commercial) between the signataries of 2) and the leadership of Kensington and Chelsea Council?
Any answers to the above will define not only if there was a crime, but also if we are now confronting a new ugly term, waiting to be coined... Institutional Corruption.