"They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing." 
Charles M. de Talleyrand

A couple of days ago I had a spat with a Nigel Farage supporter on Twitter... I know most of you will say "It's not worth it", "Leave it" etc. but I would nevertheless highlight how a certain demographics are using liberally the word of Democracy.

I shall leave here the "dialogue" between myself @pfrr and Stephen Keane @stephenkeane233

It all started with my comment on the milkshaked Farage photo by @dailymail:

@pfrr: ... and the milkshake immediately went sour on contact! Stop classifying this as "political violence". Political violence is what happened to Jo Cox.

@stephenkeane233 So in your tiny mind assaulting someone who has a different political ideology to yours is acceptable? You are a fascist if you condone this.

@pfrr I would not mind assaulting Adolf Hitler. How about you?

@stephenkeane233 So Nigel Farage is comparable to Adolf Hitler? Farage believes in democracy leftie remoaners don't. (See Lib Dems bollocks to Brexit) they are neither

@stephenkeane233 You sir are a complete idiot to compare Farage to Hitler. Former is a Democrat, latter not!!

@pfrr You still did not answer my question... "and yet it moves".

@stephenkeane233 No you are comparing Adolf Hitler to Nigel Farage. Hardly s comparison. Former was not a Democrat, latter clearly is. Your point is? 

@pfrr Answer my question! What are you afraid of?

@stephenkeane233 As I was not alive and living in Germany in 1939-1945 your question is hypothetical. Mao Zedong caused the deaths of far more people than Hitler. They were dictators, left or right. Nigel Farage is not.

@stephenkeane233 I am afraid of nothing. What is your point? It's OK to kill politicians with the benefit of hindsight? Load of bollix.

@pfrr So what is your hypothetical answer? I have to assume that your refusal will lead me to classify you as a neonazi Hitler sympathiser and therefore this discussion is over.

There was a rant that I could not record (it was over for me anyway) and @stephenkeane233 blocked me from seeing his account. He refused to state that he would had gladly "milkshaked" Adolf Hitler, arguing a protracted principle of Democratic tolerance and non applicable hindsight.

The fatal error most of these illuminati commit, is they think that Hitler's defeat automatically warrants them the status of "Democrats", all the time forgetting that they were only part of the winning side due to a fortuitous geographic positioning. Unfortunately most of the undercurrent of Brexit "Promised Land" support is based on these "winners" rethoric, blighted with racism, nationalism, intolerance... "britishness", starting with Oswald Mosley (part I), followed by Enoch Powell (part II) and now on its III iteration with Nigel Farage. It will soon go away like a stinky fatberg.