Citius, Altius, Fortius

Not the Olympic Games I am afraid, but this could be a world record on how to dismiss the latest fashion. You must have seen the original iPad launch in a far far away galaxy on the distant January 2010. Fantastic object of desire, the must have, the revolution in personal cyberhelp. But no, it is not enough... because recently Apple felt the need of a relaunch, just 12 months later, of the iPad2. This one is now

Macrius, Citius, Levius

That means that the best thing since sliced rye bread and pure squeezed orange juice was actually Fat, Slow, Heavy. No one noticed! But everyone that bought the Poor One is now rushing again to the Apple Stores to buy the new anorexic version. Apple is following Vogue pretty close. I guess the iPad3, to be launched in November, will display a heroin chic look with matching apps. And the iPad45 will be sold with an anti ageing cream and at least a botox app! O tempora o mores.