Dead Man's Hand

“The hardest tumble a man can make is to fall over his own bluff.”

It all started as a joke... "Hey Donald, why don't you run for President on the next election?" and the guy who suggested this is the main culprit of the cataclism that is going to befall on the most powerful nation on Earth.

Donald never thought about it, knew that he has no skills, no charisma, no statesmanship, no politics or policies but he thought "Hey that's a good one. I don't want it but in the meantime I will get free coverage, loads of exposure, my name on the front (and back) pages... That cannot be bad at all. How hard can this be? If George W. can do it anyone can. Let's do it!"

Then things started getting out of hand... he forced the entrance door of the Republican Party expecting to be refused and to have to run as an independent. For his stupefaction he was welcomed in. By a strange coincidence there was no one there with statesmanship, charisma, policy or policies, all just like him, a total void of discourse to offer to the masses. And Donald can address the masses... he knows (or probably not) that “Since the masses are always eager to believe something, for their benefit nothing is so easy to arrange as facts.” as Charles M. de Talleyrand used to say. And his facts are pretty much similar to the ones used by the rising star of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei 85 years ago, now translated to the supremacy of the American People and Immigration (aka Racism). The only difference is that Donald does not believe a single word of it. He just does it for the "show", for ratings. Worse, he does not know what he believes in, his life is based on pie charts, graphs and spreadsheets, does not have a clue who he is, what he stands for. 

He is now panicking... the joke went too far and he can no longer call his bluff as people took his inane pontifications seriously. He is frightened of the American People of those screaming voters, the poor that shout his name, like they did 1983 years and a week ago  that agreed with Him, expecting miracles delivered in this world. He can no longer call it a day, it's too late. He also knows that given the choice, when things calm down, the populace will always shout for the name of Barrabas.