All is right now

On 9 June this year I published a blog entry with the title "The Biggest Nail House on the Web" alerting for the fact that the twitter account for Apple Inc. (@apple) was misteriously dormant. You can see from the screenshot on the right that it was not a verified account by Twitter, it had 33.6K very distracted followers and there was not a single tweet on sight.

Today, 3 months later I had another look and all has changed. The account is now verified, there are a few Apple graphics, it is showing as linked to, based in Cupertino, and there are now 551k followers either very distracted or hopeful. Still not a single tweet has been issued. Knowing Apple I am sure there will be a fanfarre on twitterland created by the very distracted Cupertino publicists (oh they missed this one big time), for the release of their first tweet. 

I have the suspicion that someone, in between these two screenshots, got very, very rich. "Distractions" like this can become very costly. Anyway... all is right now.

PS: The nail house is no longer.