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Cheeky Chiquito's

Why do we always have the same lame, "templated" attitude from any Customer Services Corporation?
I know this one starts with a rant and it involves the restaurant chain Chiquito. It all started when my 15 year old daughter went for a meal last Sunday to celebrate the anniversary of a friend. When I picked her she told me the story that I duly conveyed to Chiquito. Here it goes:
This episode was told by my 15-year-old daughter yesterday when I went to pick her up after a meal in Chiquito’s Ashton. They went to celebrate an anniversary (a group of six girls I believe). They had their meal, all was fine until the bill arrived. They all knew what they ate, what their personal bill was going to be. However, when they added their totals, they were always short. They took a long time to ascertain what was wrong, until someone spotted a “service charge” of £15?
So… they raided their pockets for an extra sum until the total was met. They gave the amount to the waiter(ess?) and as it was…

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