One Penny


"Send 2 dozen roses to room 424 and put "Emily, I love you" on the back of the bill" — Groucho Marx

I moved to this country almost 21 years ago. I worked, I paid my taxes, I paid my National Insurance contributions. Now I hear that my "invitation" to leave may be on the table for blackmail negotiation purposes with the European Union.

So... to make it clear... If / when I leave, I want every single penny I spent on NI plus the value of my pension contributions to come with me... around £100,000 I estimate. This will not preclude the right to seek further personal redress in the English Courts for future loss of earnings and Equal Opportunities Rights. 

Start digging deep in your pockets. The £350 million Brexit claim is going to look small change indeed. The totals for the 3 million EU citizens living and working in this country is going to be around £1 trillion!!!!! And I want it all... every single penny!


  1. Can't see that happening Paulo ... firstly because those folks like you who settled here are pretty much indispensable economically, secondly they are mostly socially entangled, thirdly because, notwithstanding the narrative that most "leavers" are racists, most indigenous people know some settlers as friends ... your accurate characterisation of Brits as lazy xenophobes does not translate right through society and maybe this furore will help dispel it ... more worrying is the status of state pensions ... a recent letter from DWP referred to my pension as a benefit ... meanwhile, this British native, currently in Spain, is interested in living in Portugal ... perhaps we can arrange a reciprocal deal?!

  2. You paid your mOney adn had the benefits of staying here - we owe you nothing if you choose to leave. However I hipe you are not forced to leave

    1. The "benefits" are unrelated to National Insurance and are paid via Income Tax. You owe me my pension... Just check this...

  3. Its also worth remembering that the EU has issued a continuous stream of threats, including re the british living in the EU, so both sides need to back off on this one

  4. I totally agree with this... however bear in mind that most British expats in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy are mostly wealthy pensioners. To paraphrase the "enlightned" Nigel Farage, they have never done a day's work in the countries they actually live in, which in a way puts them on the same level pegging as any new immigrant that would come from Brazil, Morocco, Ghana etc. Most of the EU Citizens in the UK are full time workers paying their taxes and NI.

  5. Did I heard: free commerce but... no free circulation for EU people?


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