Send in the lawyers


"Money talks" — English proverb

I am very happy with this morning news. They are sending in the  lawyers. It is about time... look what happened when they sent in the clowns?

This is the future of politics in UK and USA with already a very successful result in 2000. Democracy is being replaced by courts. Remember how George W. Bush was elected first time after a wrangle around the Florida votes that was finally settled on Bush vs. Gore (587 votes and $20 million made the difference)?

Do I need to mention Donald Trump? Anglo-Saxon democracy has become a farce... mostly because it is now void of any humanity on both sides of the Atlantic. It is all about money and, if that is the case, you cannot blame the corporations to have a say, and surely they will have a lot to say and a big wallet to back it up. The interests of corporations dictate how these 2 countries need to be ruled. Democracy is now an illusion and votes are nothing more than bread for the circuses, bread only, not croissants, not cake.

I have to say that this time this is a good move from the "shareholders". If I had the money I would have filed this motion myself in the English courts on Friday 24th June 2016.


  1. Viva Paulo.

    E que tal... o "nosso" Nigel:

    1. O Nigel? É interessante verificar a devastação que um simples humano teimoso pode causar...


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